I’m Kelly Howell, 6-time national bestselling audio author and founder of Brain Sync.


Millions of people listen to my guided meditations to achieve goals, create success, attract love and deepen their spiritual experience.

I take a different approach to meditation than most “experts.”

I don’t believe meditation is just about relaxing a little or finding inner peace. Nor do I believe that it's about trying to be more loving, compassionate or kind.


Sure, those are great qualities to cultivate, but you don't need to waste time sitting on your meditation pillow trying to cultivate more peace and love.

You can do that in a traffic jam or waiting in line at the grocery store.

I believe the current mindfulness fad is limiting the extraordinary power available to you in meditation. 

Ask any academic researcher, "Why so many mindfulness studies?" They'll tell you, "That's where the money is."  

Just because money goes into mindfulness research, doesn't mean that's the "best" approach to meditation for everyone.


And if you're like me, frankly, it's not.​

If you have big goals, needs, and desires...

You can use your valuable meditation time to tap into the magnificient power of your brain to manifest what you want, and transform anything in your life.

 I know

You can radically transform your health, your relationships, and your entire life by entering the theta state.

  I know 

Theta meditation is the single most powerful tool there is to overcome obstacles, experience

breakthroughs, and get big ideas. 

How do i know this?

30 years ago I learned to meditate the hard way. The way most "experts" still teach it today.


If I had known then what I know now, I could have avoided so many boring hours of fidgeting and listening to my yucky thoughts.


But I was desperate to fix my shattered life. 


  My nightmare began on a snowy Christmas Eve. I was in a taxi with my husband and a few friends.


A drunk driver crashed into our cab. The impact spun our vehicle around and we torpedoed through a storefront window.


​The last thing I remember was singing Silent Night.


I woke up on an X-ray table in Bellevue hospital, surrounded by a group of concerned looking nurses and doctors.

 I  thought I was in heaven, 

and that these glowing people were angels.

Until I tried to move. I could not lift my head, and my left arm was paralyzed. My neck had fractured from slamming into the bullet proof divider.


Weeks after the crash, my starter marriage fell apart.  (It was going in that direction anyway.)


Then I lost my job as a producer, because I couldn’t work. 


And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did.


My mother died of brain cancer, and my grandmother was paralyzed from a stroke.  


 I lost everything and everyone I loved. 


I couldn’t think straight. The headaches were excruciating.


I considered suicide.


Instead I decided to learn meditation.

listening to my inner most thoughts was like getting
lost in a bad neighborhood.

 Meditation was so boring! 

Sitting still, and listening to all the petty voices clamoring for attention was excruciating. My thoughts ran wild with fears, what if's, and to do lists. 


After I clocked my first thousand hours of meditating, I began to reap noticeable benefits. Even though my bank account was still on the edge of overdrawn, I had hope. All my grief and PTSD symptoms from the accident, divorce, and death faded. I could sleep peacefully again. I began experiencing a deeper more profound spiritual connection. And it felt like I was walking on a cloud.


I began meeting new types of people who became mentors, friends and teachers. It was like stepping into an entirely new world full of magic and mystery. 


I became fascinated with consciousness and human potential. I believed that if we could tap into higher frequencies of consciousness we could tap into the other 90% of our unused potential. The desire that grabbed me would not let go.


I stayed up at night researching biofeedback, altered states and meditation.  I experimented with self hypnosis, breath work, affirmations, visualization and various mental reprogramming techniques.  I spent entire evenings floating in an isolation tank.


Once I refined and developed my new meditation routine, everything changed! 

One day, I was meditating on my sofa when, in my mind’s eye, a brilliant sphere of golden light appeared above my head.


  It was so huge, I was in awe.

It slowly dropped down into my head, and exploded. In a flash of blinding light, I received a crystal-clear vision and a plan. I suddenly knew exactly what I needed to do, and exactly what steps I needed to take. I was to create an easier way to tap into our mental potential. 

Shortly after my divine download, I never could have planned or even imagined the incredible synchronicities that conspired to make my vision a reality.


My best friend, Alyson was the first person I told about the experience. She became my business partner.  The second person I told invested a handsome six figures.


Within a few months we had a huge publishing deal, and we weren't even trying to get a publisher!


In less than a year, we were on all the Self-Help Audio National Bestseller lists, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

Ever since that day, I’ve been making programs for meditation, healing and mind expansion. 

I've worked with renowned neuroscientists and researchers to develop Brain Sync, which is recognized as the Gold-Standard of Brainwave Audio Technology.

But here’s the thing.

I’m not lucky. I deliberately and intentionally use meditation to pray for, and manifest what I need and want.

I can teach you how to use the powerful Theta state of meditation to achieve your most cherished goals. 

"Kelly's meditation techniques have allowed me to go deep into the theta state to experience blissful states of ethereal relaxation. From greater health to greater wealth, Kelly has led the way for me to absorb and transform." 

---Shane Dieter

"I am forever grateful for Kelly’s meditation teachings and technology. She helped me find great peace during the most challenging times in my life. I still turn to her meditations for remembrance and renewal! If you’re thinking about taking this course, think no more! You’ll get the most powerful and effective tools there are to upgrade your life."- Angel Razza


"Kelly Howell's Brain Sync technology is the medicine,

psychotherapy and medication of the future. She is a visionary for the 21st century whose healing technologies I recommend regularly to clients."


Kelly is a 6-time national bestselling audio author. With an audience of millions, she is a leading voice in the fields of healing and mind expansion.

She's also co-author of Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age, recommended by The Mayo Clinic Health Review.


Kelly is a pioneer in meditation, self-help and behavior modification audio programs.

In 2006 she launched Theatre of the Mind Podcast and became the #1 Self-Help show in iTunes. And she is the creator of the MeditateMe app.


As a long-time consciousness researcher, and meditation guide, Kelly has inspired thousands of individuals to find their power to heal, transform and succeed.   


She guides and teaches science-based meditation at legendary retreat centers, corporate summits, online and live seminars.

Kelly howell

Mindset and Mediation Coach, Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Brain Whisperer, Dog Lover. Oh! And a shameless lover of fine cars and other luxuries. She lives in Santa Fe New Mexico.