I Will Teach You to Meditate & Manifest

Do you wish you could achieve your goals with greater ease?  Do you long for a deep connection with your purpose? 

I take a different approach to meditation than most experts.

I don’t believe that meditation is just about relaxing or reducing stress. 


I believe that meditation is the  single most powerful tool there is to manifest what you want, and transform anything in your life.



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Discover the power of your mind through in-depth interviews with visionaries, consciousness researchers, maverick scientists...

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Whatever your powerful mind believes to be true, it makes real in your experience.

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about working with Kelly

"I loved the guided meditations that Kelly led us in as part of the classes. I also really benefited from her descriptions of how meditation can influence life experience for the better as well as the spiritual aspects of mediation.


The depth of Kelly' knowledge really drew me in and inspired me to want to experience more of a spiritual awakening then I already have. I realize now that the potential is unlimited as to what is "in there" (as opposed to "out there")."

—  Antonia

Four Week accelerated Training


How to Manifest what you Want

and Transform Anything in Your Life

With Kelly Howell